Q: Are yours Shoes is Original?

 It’s a ''UA'' authentic


Q: What does UA authentic mean?

Our shoes are listed as 'UA' which stands for “UNAUTHORIZED AUTHENTIC”. Unauthorized authentic means that they were made in the same factory and with the same materials as the original product, but sold by someone other than the retail company. UA shoes are very similar to retail Nike/Jordan Brand shoes but are never officially contracted with those companies to be made.

All this extra pairs that are left over, are produced at the same factory, by the same workers, with the same material, just that they did not get licensed/authorized/quality checked by the shoe company.


Q: So, here's the big question: is it illegal to buy or sell UA sneakers?

No. Although sneaker brands claim no affiliation to retailers selling unauthorized authentic shoes, it still is not against the law. No one can stop you from selling a product online, BUT you cannot claim that it is legit.


Q: Does UA mean fake?

UA Products or Unauthorized Authentic Products are products made by the same factories (same materials and same quality) but are not sold by retailers hence the cheaper prices.